Why Should You Use A Resume Writing Service?

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Are You Ready To Write Your Resume?

Why A Professional Resume Writer May Be the Magic Bullet You Need

Submitting a perfect resume is having a foot in the door in the long-drawn hiring process. A well-written resume is so important that the Internet is teeming with lots of DIY tips on how to prepare one yourself. And it has single-handedly spawned an industry.

Understandably, the DIY resume writing versus Use a pro resume writing service wrangle is heated, like most important ‘DIY’ versus ‘Hire a Pro’ debates. You only need to read this bash (shots fired) to have a fairly decent overview.

And why it is pretty established that there is a market for resume writing and editing services, this article answers the important question, “Why should I bother”?

1. Your current resume isn’t getting you enough interviews

Some of us have been there. You are not getting as acceptable call back rate that is commensurate with the number of resume submissions you’ve done. And your mind is spinning in a dozen and one directions as to the possible reason why.

Sure, there are variable reasons why you may not be getting interview invites (say your skills don’t match or you aren’t following up like you should). But if you want to cross out the possibility that a sub-par, bland resume could be working against your interview chances, then it may finally be time to pass the task to a professional who does resume writing/editing for a living.

Interestingly, many resume-writing services offer low-cost, sometimes zero-down critiques of your resume. Depending on the review of the pro resume writer, you would then have a concrete idea as to whether your resume needs minor touches, or a full-on overhaul.

2. To get a resume that recruiters want to read

A commonly-cited study in the job market estimates that recruiters decide whether an applicant is a fit after spending an average of only 6.25 seconds on the applicant’s resume. The job market is getting increasingly competitive, and that number will go down rather than up.

And while that stat sums up why it is increasingly more important to have a resume that stands out. The fact that objectivity is typically not a human strong suit means that an experienced, extra set of eyes could better analyze your experiences, personal qualities, professional ambitions, and skills. And then present the foremost non-fluffy information in a well-presented resume that is clear and concise.

You may choose to use the abundant DIY tips that you would get with a simple Google search. But Doing It Yourself Does Not Equal Doing It Correctly.

Knowing what information to add, how to add said information, and what to strip out can be dicey. And let’s not forget the vital nugget that a resume isn’t a simple listing of your professional and academic accomplishments or an autobiography — It is a marketing tool that sells your personal brand.

And while you’re digesting these relatable truths, you should consider that same study (described above) estimated that recruiters scored professionally rewritten articles to be 60% better than amateur resumes. Furthermore, the recruiters polled that professionally written samples were 40% better organized and readable than samples written by applicants.

3. You have issues that need smoothing out

Maybe the Great Canyon could figuratively fit into the employment gap that’d go on your resume, or you’ve changed so many jobs or career fields in a short while that you could do a name change to “Job Hopper” and it’ll be fitting.

Sometimes, issues like these are unavoidable and could be explained better during an interview. But you wouldn’t be getting that far if they stick out like a sore thumb in your resume.

A pro resume writer may—and would—not rewrite history, but s/he WILL know just how to put emphasis on the positives, while dimming the light on any negative aspects. An exercise that would most likely be nerve-wracking if you were to do it by yourself.

4. Get a resume in different formats

The de-facto format for resumes is the good ol’ black and white text document. But for some industries like the creative industries, you may have need for other formats (think PDF, web-based, or infographic resumes that have been gaining in popularity of late).

Adjusting the documents to acceptable standards for the format you need is a skill you likely do not have even if your resume writing ability is top notch. And this adds to the appeal of resume agencies.

5. A resume that dot the i’s and cross the t’s

You have a resume that for all intents and purposes is a head-turner, then the recruiter does a double take on an error that shouldn’t be there if thorough proofreading and editing was done.

The unarguable fact is that quality writing screams quality work.

That tiny grammatical mistake that would be glossed over in an informal mail with friends would probably be interpreted as lack of intention to detail. If slang is present, then you could be adjudged to be too informal to get an interview invite.

And it’s not just about eliminating grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. It goes further into refining the resume, such that it appears targeted and engaging.

This is why we recommend using a resume writing service.

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