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The Resume Center Review is here and I rank them as Number 1. The Resume Center are the longest running (since 1998) and most successful resume writing service. They have great results for their clients due to their customer satisfaction and 100% money back guarantee.

The Full Resume Center Review:

Ordering from The Resume Center is a very easy and smooth process. You can choose multiple options, add bespoke cover letters or whatever else you need for your job search. The resume comes back to you within 24 hours and you can even opt for a 4 hour option if you need it super quick for an upcoming interview!

Customer service is of utmost importance when The Resume Center write a professional resume…it really is! They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you can get it re-written as many times as you like until you are happy with the resume writing service. I didn’t need to with my order but you can if you like, they really will write it out as many times as you want.

Amazingly, their prices are the best prices on the Internet too! Starting at just $54.50 for a graduate or someone with less than 6 months work experience, $69.50 for those with up to 10 years experience, $85.50 for anyone up to 20 years, or $99.00 for anyone in the medical profession or CEO’s or directors. With prices of other resume services usually starting at $200+, this is really great news!

I was especially happy with my resume writing service offered by The Resume Center. I was getting interview offers within days of using their resume services. They are backed up with loads of testimonials from happy customers.

“I am very impressed with the service I received from the Resume Centre. The whole process was easy, the application user friendly and what was most impressive was the content and construction of my Resume. I did not have to make any adjustments on the first draft and I will be recommending them to my friends and family.”

After the resume center review that I did, there is no question that they are number one compared to other services.

No other resume writing service offers this kind of attention to detail, money-back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also, James Innes (the guy who runs the company) is a best selling author on curriculum vitae writing, cover letters, interviews and keeping the job that you get. Get that professional resume today, it will help you get the job you want.

I consider them number one (mostly because of their money back and satisfaction guarantee). It is just awesome!

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